Marianist HILAC Mission and Goals


Marianist HILAC (Hawaiian Islands Liturgy and Arts Conferences) with its roots in the Hawaiian Culture and the Catholic Marianist Tradition is a series of conferences in Hawaii sponsored by the Marianist Center of Hawaii and local organizations.  It is committed to providing communitarians-based experiences of prayer, spiritual growth and formation in the liturgical arts.


  1.  Marianist HILAC fosters the inculturation of Hawaiian traditions and values in prayer, the liturgical arts and spirituality
  2. Marianist HILAC promotes the Marianist tradition of community and hospitality for all who gather:  sponsors, presenters, volunteers and participants.
  3. Marianist HILAC follows the Marianist leadership approach known as the  Three Offices:  Spiritual Life, Education (Program) and Temporalities.
  4. Marianist HILAC accomplishes its mission through liturgical prayer, keynote presentations, workshops, concerts, celebrations and shared meals.

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